DJ Nick Coldhands

The key to a successful party, lies within the selection of the right dj, that understands the costumers style and music taste.

Nick Coldhands have made it his first priority to decode the distinct music priority of the costumer, no matter the size of the party, or genre of the music.

Besides being one of the best all round dj´s, he is also a 6 times Danish Music Award winner, and have a past in the succesful Danish hiphop group “Den Gale Pose”

Nick Coldhands is one of the most experienced and respected music profiles in Denmark

He have produced such Danish classics as:  “Spændt op til lir” – Den Gale Pose, “Ramt i natten” – Lizzie, og “Dum for dig” – Babara Moleko.

With over 20+ years of experience as a dj and music consultant, Nick Coldhands repetoire have a wide span. He has played everything from Fashion shows, weddings, company party’s to highly profiled events like Prins Albert af Monacos yearly party, “Bal´de l´eté in St. Tropez.